Top Czech Bands on Spotify by Number of Followers 3/2019

Today we had a great discussion with my good friend, question was: Which Czech band is the most popular in the Czech Republic?

We couldn’t find anything relevant in the Google and discussion was quite intensive so I offered lets check list of top Czech bands by number of followers on Spotify.

Its a statistical shortcut as not all listeners are on Spotify and every band has different target groups (by age etc.), younger listeners tend to be on Spotify more than their parents but results are still very interesting and I hope not just for myself.

Artist – number of followers in thousands:

Divokej Bill 108,7k
Chinaski 100,5k
Kabat 97k
Krystof 94,5k
Wohnout 83k
Lucie 82k
Mandrage 72k
Mig21 67k
UDG 51k
Rybicky48 58,7k
Skwor 53,3k
Wanastowky 46k
Tri sestry 41k
100 Zvirat 39k
Olympic 35,5k
Harlej 36k
Support Lesbiens 35k
Tezkej Pokondr 26k
Visaci zamek 19k
Arakain 17,3k
Ready Kirken 18,5k
Cocotte Minute 18,3k
Alkehol 14,3k
Orlik 11k

It was done 30th of March 2019. Enjoy!

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